Our Expertise

Alongside partner states, ELPA21 is led by expert advisors and collaborators in psychometrics, online assessment, scoring methodology, early learners, students with disabilities, and language acquisition, making it a leader in proficiency assessment.



The Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing (CRESST) is housed within UCLA’s School of Education and Information Studies. CRESST’s groundbreaking work in assessment has shaped the fabric of this field. CRESST creates the methodologies, technologies, and assessment designs solving today’s most pressing challenges in education. CRESST continues to provide critical input and guidance to the ELPA21 assessment system and its professional learning tools.

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Technical Advisory Committee

ELPA21’s TAC, composed of esteemed educators, psychometricians, and researchers, advises on critical areas such as assessment design, test validity, implementation, and technology requirements. The TAC responds to challenges and develops solutions to tough questions.


Assessment Delivery Experts

Since its inception, ELPA21 has collaborated with leading organizations in the fields of assessment design and delivery to create the best possible experience for students, teachers, and administrators.


ETS, a non-profit organization, conducts research and develops assessment programs, administering and scoring over 50 million tests annually across 180+ countries.

Cambium Assessment, Inc.

One of the world’s largest behavioral and social science research and evaluation organizations, Cambium is a non-profit that designs and develops assessment services and next-generation classroom products. 

National Center on Educational Outcomes

NCEO leads the development of educational assessments and accountability systems to monitor educational results for all students, including those with disabilities and ELs.

Understanding Language Initiative

The initiative’s long-term goal is to emphasize the importance of learning the language of each academic discipline to master content, raising awareness among educators of language’s critical role in Common Core State and Next Generation Science Standards.

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A Collaborative Governance System

ELPA21’s collaborative model is built on the collective wisdom and decision-making of its state partners. The Governing Board oversees strategic plans and consists of a voting representative from each partner state.

Advisory committees, including Psychometrics and Research, Assessment Design, and Member Support and Outreach, provide guidance and project reviews with participants nominated by our partner states.


Our Team

ELPA21’s team is composed of a group of dedicated professionals who share a commitment to ensuring the success of English learners.