Module Three: English Language Proficiency Standards

This module was created by Understanding Language at Stanford University and delivered to the ELPA21 Consortium. Copyright © 2015-2017 Understanding Language and ELPA21 Consortium. All rights reserved.

Recommended Citation:

Rutherford-Quach, S., Hsieh, H., Skarin, R., Bergey, R. & Wiles, S. (2015). Module Three: English Language Proficiency Standards. Stanford University. Retrieved from the ELPA21 Consortium Website.


This module was in collaboration with an educator team from Oregon, consisting of Tim Blackburn, Sandra Boe, Michelle McCoy, Elizabeth Prusko, and Kerri West. The work of this team is greatly appreciated and indispensible to this module.

These professional development modules were made possible by the joint efforts of CCSSO, the ELPA21 Consortium, educator teams from Washington, Oregon, and Iowa, and Understanding Language. The authors wish to express their gratitude to several colleagues who contributed greatly to this particular module, including Jobi Lawrence, Shaeley Santiago, and Catherine Still.

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